Shopping - There are plenty of shops in Kalkan, all of which open early in the day and stay open until at least midnight. And unlike other resort towns, shopping in Kalkan is more hassle-free. An evening spent strolling about the winding streets and alleys while window shopping can be very rewarding as there are so many things to see and buy in the many specialty shops. You can find almost anything in Kalkan, from carpets to t-shirts and boxes of Turkish Delight and the traditional blue-coloured glass “evil eye” for warding off evil spirits. Gold and silver jewelry is a great buy in Turkey as it is sold by its weight.   Lovely antiques, collected selectively from all over Turkey during the winter months, are very attractive as well.   Other items include: intricately-decorated ceramics, hand-blown glass, hand-carved Meerschaum pipes and backgammon sets inlaid with mother-of-pearl.

Thursday - Kalkan Market in town near Bank Street / Bus station. We love the fresh foods, quality linens as well as 'genuine fake' designer clothes.

Friday - Kas market details for which can be found here. Kas is also a lovely place to visit.

Sunday - Akbel market for a more traditional feel. Make sure you have the gozleme from the lady on the right (heading up the market to the top). Top food. 

For those of you who may wish to cook dinner at Kisla Falls, Kalkan has butchers' shops, fish shops, supermarkets and daily fresh fruit and vegetable stalls for grocery shopping.

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  • swimming pool, jacuzzi plunge pool and kiddy pool
  • woodfired oven, BBQ and Turkish dining area
  • multiple outdoor areas
  • 5 mins walk to beach
  • Beachfront
  • wifi and netflix
  • 5 bedrooms